Bankruptcy Bill

November 10, 2008

New Strip + Bankruptcy Bill Needs Your Support

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Hi everyone.  Thanks for coming to our site.

First, want to let you know we need to earn some income so that we can continue to publish future strips of Bankruptcy Bill. So we’re going to test out the goodwill potential in the bankruptcy professional/legal community and ask everyone to simply send in a small (or large) donation to us if you like the latest strip.

Just click HERE, on the Amazon icon below or on Bill to make a donation to us via Amazon’s Honor System (a sort of online tip jar).

Amazon Honor System

As long as we get a decent response, we’ll publish the next strip.  We’ve had over 3,000 prior hits on the website, so if everyone just chips in a little we should be in good shape.

ipireneThanks for your support and comments.  Looking forward to finally publishing more strips.

Bill & Struck

(Want updates?  E-mail bankruptcybill [at] zoho [dot] com with the word “update” in the subject field, or get the RSS feed.)

p.s.  Regarding copyright issues, our legal counsel, IP Aileen, says:  “Other bloggers/websites/publications, you’re welcome to post this strip on your site as long as you also include all of the text, links and images in this post, including this sentence.  If you don’t, then we’ll find you and subject you to to a CLE course on the intersection of bankruptcy and intellectual property laws so painfully dull as to violate several major provisions of the Geneva Convention.”


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