Bankruptcy Bill

March 9, 2009

Strip #13 – Facebook 2 – brought to you by netDockets

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Special thanks to netDockets for sponsoring Strip #13!

  • netDockets is the preeminent research system for corporate bankruptcy precedent.
  • Created by experienced corporate restructuring professionals, netDockets offers a database of over 1.1 million documents which represent every document filed in over 500 large corporate bankruptcy cases.
  • With the ability to search for cases using up to eleven criteria (such as jurisdiction, size, and industry) and to filter documents using up to seven criteria, netDockets helps you locate not just more precedent, but better, more relevant precedent.
  • You don’t have to take our word for it – sign up now for a free trial account now and experience netDockets for yourself risk free.


A reminder that we are always open to various forms of STR.I.P. Financing to help us continue to publish future strips of Bankruptcy Bill (ideally with more frequency).  Please contact us to discuss sponsorship.  And thanks to everyone who has purchased a bit of merchandise.


Bill & Struck


p.s.  Regarding copyright issues, our legal counsel, IP Aileen, says:  “Other bloggers/websites/publications:  You are more than welcome to post Strip #13 on your sites as long as you also include all of the text, links and images in this post, including this paragraph.  If you fail to respect our wishes, then we’ll cause your mother/father/son/daughter to friend you on Facebook leading to an endless stream of status updates you’d rather not know about.”

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  1. […] March 10, 2009 · No Comments For your next coffee break, Gideon Kendall and Steven Horowitz have been putting together some clever bankruptcy-themed humor at Bankruptcy Bill.  Here at netDockets, we enjoy it so much that we’ve sponsored their latest installment.  You can find their humorous take on the intersection of bankruptcy practice and Facebook here. […]

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